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February, 2020

  • 3 February

    Review of Aspire Pockex Kit

    The Aspire Pockex has been around for a few years now, but it is still one of my favorite all-in-one vape pens on the market. This is a small and stylish device, but it comes with a massive battery and functions smoothly. The only issue I have with the Pockex …

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January, 2020

  • 6 January

    Blackberry Ice E-juice by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

    Blackberry Ice is another impressive-tasting e-liquid that will appeal to vapers who enjoy mint blends. Blackberry Ice has the flavor of peppermint and blackberries. The flavors are of premium quality unlike many others on the market. You can taste the mint and berries with every hit you take. Blackberry Ice …

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December, 2019

  • 30 December

    CBD Oil by CBDfx Review

    In recent years, CBD oil has become increasingly popular, thanks to the wide range of clinical benefits it can offer. Most people use it to alleviate their pain and anxiety. Some claim it helps them get better sleep at night. Researchers have also found it is effective against Parkinson’s disease, …

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  • 11 December

    Tips to successfully make your own e-liquid

    Vaping has grown in popularity and has been touted as a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Many vaping brands produce vape pens and e-liquids. E-liquids come in different sizes and flavors. Vapers can choose the kind of e-juice flavor they want to vape. Anyone who vapes or has tried …

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August, 2019

  • 20 August

    Blueberry Limeade E-juice by Coastal Clouds Review

    Blueberry Limeadeby Coastal Clouds is a summer classic. It is a unique e-juice that gives you a delicious taste as well as a soothing sensation. Coastal Clouds is not a new name in the e-juice business. This company, which is based in the USA, offer an array of e-liquids made …

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July, 2019

  • 29 July

    CBDfx Disposable CBD Vape Pen with Terpenes (Gelato) Review

    An article by Forbes noted how cannabis’ popularity has gone from the “frequently maligned status of stoner counterculture” to a “Kardashian-level social phenomenon.” And this is all thanks to CBD or cannabidiol oil. In recent years, the cannabis compound has been experiencing a renaissance, showing up seemingly almost everywhere. In …

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June, 2019

  • 24 June

    Ice Tropic Thunder E-Liquid by Humble Juice Co. Review

    Ice Tropic Thunder is a delicious vape juice by Humble Juice Co. This e-liquid will undoubtedly appeal to vapers with sweet tooth cravings. This e-liquid blends the flavors of ripe strawberries, kiwi fruit, menthol and candy. All these flavors are of excellent quality and they taste natural. With Ice Tropic …

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  • 24 June

    Ice Donkey Kahn E-Liquid by Humble Juice Co. Review

    Ice Donkey Kahn is a superb e-liquid by Humble Juice Co. that will appeal vapers who enjoy menthol and other fruity blends. This e-liquid is a delicate combination of ripe bananas, mint, strawberries. and dragon fruit flavors. These four flavors are of excellent quality and they all taste natural. When …

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  • 24 June

    Pee Wee Kiwi E-Liquid By Humble Juice Co. Review

    Pee Wee Kiwi is a delicious e-liquid by Humble Juice Co. This e-juice blends the flavors of ripe watermelons, kiwi, and apples. The fruit flavors in this e-liquid are of premium quality, and they come together excellently. This flavors that are contained in this e-liquid do not taste like they …

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  • 24 June

    Bankrupt E-Liquid By Humble Juice Co. Review

    Bankrupt is a one-of-a-kind fruit flavored e-juice that will impress most vaping enthusiasts. This e-liquid blends the flavors of ripe peaches, strawberries, and green apples. These three flavors are of excellent quality, and they complement each other nicely. Neither one of these flavors ever gets overpowering in any way. This …

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