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Herbal Pocket Vaporizers

What is a Vaporizer?

First, we need to understand that a portable vaporizer is simply a vaporizer that is portable or in other words something you can move easily or take with you with no problem.  A vaporizer is a device used to raise the temperature of something and turn it into vapor without combustion avoiding many of the toxins produced when burned. Little smoke neither tastes nor smells while vaporizing. The ways vaporizers are constructed also help in making for a cleaner inhale that helps to quit smoking.

Most vaporizers contain two key components: a heating element and a way of delivering vapors. Heating is produced either by convection, conduction, and radiation. Vaporizers that operate with a convection heating element, your materials are never in direct contact with what is heating it. What happens is hot air flows through your material or whatever contents thus releasing the newly active ingredient. This is the most popular kind of vaporizer.

Conduction vaporizers utilize a heating element directly in contact with your material. This then releases the active ingredients. This was the first style of vaporizers produced. The last vaporization method is the radiation style. Radiation works in the way that a portable vaporizer would absorb radiant energy and that would raise the temperature of your contents and release the active ingredients. This is the most efficient way of vaporizing but few utilize this method, but rather sometimes use it as a supplement source of heat.

Why Pocket Vaporizers are the Healthy Choice For You

Pocket vaporizers are the healthy option to traditional portable smoking methods. An herbal vaporizer is a device for extracting and inhaling the active ingredients of plant matter by heating the material to a level that causes the active compounds to boil off as a vapor but not hot enough to cause any combustion.

So why do you need a pocket vaporizer? Well, vaporizers are the healthiest alternative to traditional herbal smoking methods because they produce no smoke. The vapor released contains nearly zero traces of harmful tars, noxious gasses or carbon monoxide thus making it much healthier than any form of traditional smoke inhalation.

The typical process of smoking with a lighter creates temperatures over 2000°F! Compare that to the much lower temperature of vaporization at about 325°F and you can see how much safer and healthier vaporization can be.

A portable vaporizer will help you save money too! The small compact size of a pocket vaporizer makes them very efficient and will help you save your herbs and the low temperatures will make them last longer and burn more efficiently.

Don’t forget portability! Unlike the bigger models, pocket vaporizers are extremely easy to carry around with you. There is the great value to be found in being able to enjoy your herbs just about anywhere.

And you can enjoy it anywhere because herbal vaporizers produce no odors! No smoke and no smell mean that you can discretely enjoy your herbs anywhere you go. There are many portable vaporizer models to choose from.

Since the times of our ancestors, smoking has been the preferred method of extracting the active ingredients from plants. But recently, vaporizers have begun to offer a wonderful alternative to this ancient tradition…and now they’re portable too!

Pocket vaporizers have become the recent craze in the world of herbal vaporizing simply because they are so portable. Lightweight and compact pocket-sized vaporizers are made for the vapor enthusiast on the go. These smaller designs are so convenient because they are usually powered simply by batteries and butane and require no wires or plugs to operate at maximum capacity.

Maintenance of a Portable Vaporizer

It is safe to say to always just refer to your owner’s manual and follow their instructions. This is the best way to make sure proper care is taken to allow for the longevity of your portable vaporizer. If no instructions are present, call the manufacturer for guidance on how to maintain your product.

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