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7 Common Myths Surrounding Electric Cigarettes

New study suggests that nicotine-containing e-cigarettes could help prevent weight gain, a major concern amongst those hoping to quit smoking



There are at least 5 popular approaches used to stop smoking. With the newest technique being the possible exception, none of the other four have been very successful in assisting would-be quitters to kick the habit. The overall success rate is less than 3 percent each year. If the quitter is willing to seriously committed to stopping the smoking habit, the newest method, Electronic Cigarettes or vaping, would seem to offer the best hope yet of succeeding. It’s really that good.

Ultimately, though, the best way to stop smoking is what works for you. If you’re new to electronic cigarettes, here are some details you may find enlightening.

The following methods can help you win the battle against the smoking addiction and finally stop.  Obviously, there is no magical cure, but with perseverance and commitment, you can realize success.  More than 2 1/2 million smokers do it each year.


There are a few smokers that actually stop smoking cigarettes by going ‘cold turkey,’ but most people are not successful with this approach.  It requires the highest degree of determination of all the methods. It consists of quitting one hour at a time, one day, until it becomes a week, then a month until it becomes three months. At this juncture, the worst is over but not completely. There is still lots of nicotine and other additives in the body, reminding what that chemicals feel like when lighting up and taking the first deep drag. There are still lots of old habits that have yet to be replaced by new habits. Relapse is still easy. Vigilance and continued determination to keep on no matter what happens in your life is an absolute must

But if you have reached the three-month mile marker, you are on the verge of finally kicking the smoking habit, once and for all. Congratulations.


Nicotine replacement therapy is basically products that deliver nicotine to your body without inhaling dangerous tar and carcinogens that are produced from a cigarette.  There are nicotine patches, gum, inhalers and nasal sprays available over the counter.  These products deliver dosages of nicotine to the body to help you gradually kick the smoking habit.


This type of stop smoking drug is designed to reduce cravings and ease withdrawal symptoms.  The drugs try to erase the brain’s nicotine dependency. Although there have been some success stories, the list of possible side effects from the drugs is a major turn off for most would-be quitters.


For some people who want to stop smoking, gradually decreasing the number of cigarettes they smoke each day works.  For example, cutting down from 20 cigarettes to 15 cigarettes a day.  Some people cut down on smoking by delaying the after-dinner cigarette, or at other times when they feel like smoking.  Like most of the methods that have been tried, gradually cutting back has its supporters. The problem has been, the recommended  ‘gradual cutback’ period of two weeks seems to get extended to several more weeks, ending up edging its way back up to no cutback, and the quite fails.


The newest and best tool to stop smoking is by far the Vaping or Electronic Cigarette (e-cigs).  A recent invention, they look like a real cigarette,  taste like a real cigarette, and smoke a real cigarette. But, there is no tobacco used, none. The ‘smoke’ that’s inhaled and exhaled is actually water vapor that closely resembles the real thing.  Blowing smoke is one of the reasons we love smoking.  Besides getting the nicotine hit, blowing smoke is a mandatory visual gratification. Holding the cigarette, seeing the glow at its end as we take a drag, and exhaling smoke is all part of the pleasure and ‘process’ of smoking.

This ‘smoking process‘ is something the patches and inhalers can’t provide. And it’s one of the biggest reasons smokers who use them as a quitting tool, usually fail in their effort to quit.

What makes Vaping the ideal tool for quitting, is the built-in feature of being able to gradually reduce your nicotine level each time you purchase a refill pack  (which, by the way, cost about $3.00 each and are the equivalent to a pack and a half of real cigarettes) or E-liquid ( 120ml big f’n deal ejuice one bottle by $24.50 will support you one month vaping liquids – you can buy this product from cape vape),

Vaping is eco-friendly and safe. No need to worry about burn holes in your clothing or stinking up your expensive car because electronic cigarettes do not contain any tobacco and thus, cannot drop hot ashes, load up an ashtray, or produce any odor whatsoever.

Talk about having your cake and eating it, too!  Finding the best way to stop smoking is a personal choice.  Do the research and you might find the answer to solving your smoking addiction is as simple as electronic cigarettes!

But make no mistake, regardless of the tool or method used, the same commitments and determination to stop smoking, and the necessary follow-through, are still mandatory ingredients if the quit is to be successful.

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