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Should You Buy Pre-filled or Refillable Cartomizers

Buying and using e-cigarettes may be more complicated than traditional smoking, but a big part of that is that you have so many more options. For example, you can choose to buy your nicotine liquid in pre-filled cartomizers, or you can purchase e-juice and blank cartomizers separately and do your own refilling.

When you’re new to vaping it’s normal to have some trouble deciding which cartomizer route to take. Rule number one, don’t stress yourself about it, particularly if you are just now making the switch from smoking to vaping. Feeling confused and frustrated won’t help in your efforts, so just realize that there’s no reason you can’t try a different method if the first one you choose doesn’t work out. In both cases, you are still saving significantly over what you would have spent on the equivalent traditional cigarettes.

Pre-filled E-Cig Cartomizer Advantages and Disadvantages

The most immediate and obvious advantage of choosing prefilled cartomizers for your e-cig. is convenience. Refilling cartomizers takes time and requires you to be more aware of your e-liquid consumption. If you let your refillable cartomizer get too low on juice you end up with a burning taste that gets stuck in the filter requiring you to replace the cartomizer. This is not such a big deal with pre-filled cartomizers but when you were intending to reuse a cartomizer, problems like this could throw a wrench into your plans.

It’s true that from a purely financial standpoint you may end up spending a bit more for pre-filled cartomizers than you would if you refilled your cartomizers yourself, but both methods offer such a significant savings over traditional smoking that it’s really a lesser concern.

You also need to consider flavor options. If you are a one or two flavor vaper – as many are – then prefilled cartomizers won’t be an issue for you once you find the flavors you like to keep on hand. If on the other hand, you expect to be sampling every flavor you can find, you’ll need to keep a few extra refillable cartomizers available.

Refillable E-Liquid Cartomizer Pros and Cons

If you opt to choose refillable cartomizers, you’ll end up saving on your monetary investment in the long run, but you’ll be trading that for the investment of time. Refillable e-cig cartomizers do, however, open up more options for you when it comes to flavors.

This is especially useful for those who have allergic reactions to propylene glycol(PG), an ingredient in nicotine e-liquid. PG-free e-juice for refillable cartomizers is widely available.

As to the additional time commitment, it’s not all that much for most vapers. Some will keep their e-juice handy and add a few drops to the cartomizer every couple of hours, while other will keep multiple flavor cartomizers on hand and do one refill session once a day. It’s really up to you – if you choose to go the refillable cartomizer route – how do you want to handle your refills?

New to Vaping?

There is every likelihood that you will eventually use a combination of pre-filled and refillable cartomizers due to availability and convenience. Some who refill, for example, still purchase prefilled cartomizers when traveling to avoid having to carry along so many supplies.

What many vapers recommend is that you start with pre-filled cartomizers to give you time to adjust to electronic cigarettes on the whole without the additional maintenance step. Then, once you are comfortable with your device and ready to try something new, you can branch out and purchase some blank cartomizers and try out refilling. If you find it too inconvenient, you always have the option of going back to pre-filled.

The multiple decisions involved in getting started with e-cigarettes can be daunting, so just take it one step at a time. Once you’ve got your starter kit, you are free to try out both pre-filled and refillable cartomizers to determine which electronic cigarette usage method works best for you.

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