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Review: Phoenix Fresh Crisp Strawberry

History of the Strawberry:

This fruit’s popularity has spread across the world rapidly. In the 12th century, the strawberry hit the bumpy ground when St Hildegard von Binger pronounced strawberries unfit to eat because they might be contaminated by snakes and toads since they grow so closely to the ground. However, in the mid 18th-century Swedish botanist Charles Linaeus put this superstition to rest by switching to a diet consisting of only strawberries to prove them edible.

Cyclops Vapor: Intense Research and Development

From testing new ingredients to an experienced marketing and brand development team, Cyclops Vapor spends a tremendous amount of time researching new vape juice flavors. Cyclops Vapor doesn’t just opt for a new flavor because it’s popular, or because their competitors sell it. Each flavor that Cyclops Vapor creates must be representative of their brand, and it must meet their strict quality and flavor standards in testing, or they’ll send it to the abyss never to be heard from again.

Review of Phoenix Fresh Crisp Strawberry:

After a fair amount of digging, I concluded that this e-juice tastes like a strawberry and cream frozen dessert. By the time I learned exactly what a Strawberry Mivvi was, I’d already tasted The Alchemist’s Cupboard version and found my similarities to a well known similarly styled dessert available here in the US. Admittedly, The Alchemist’s Cupboard Strawberry Mivvi Lollies is not a dead ringer for this particular novelty, but it’s also not a far cry from one of my childhood favorites, Good Humor’s Strawberry Shortcake.

Flavor Note:

Phoenix e-juice has a rather sweet, candy-like, artificial tasting strawberry that’s bright and quite tasty.

It is a crisp, light, bright mixed berry blend with both the big sweet flavor of red berries, as well as the deeper flavors of a darker berry. The red flavor, which occupies the front side of the vape, is quite sweet, and in all likelihood, a strawberry/raspberry combination with the strawberry taking precedence. The second, underlying flavor is a sweet cream that compliments the strawberry, as it often does in the berry and cream e-liquids While the sweetness can seem a bit overwhelming at times, the finish brings a light touch of sour to the profile that brings a greater sense of balance, but in the end, the sweetness wins out over the light sour tone. This juice is tasty enough, but I wasn’t really blown away from the standard berry mix, and the floral perfume-y tone that gets dragged into every juice with a Strawberry and/or pomegranate note is something. It’s used sparingly in the Phoenix Fresh Crisp Strawberry, but there can be no doubt that it is present and accounted for. It’s certainly an enjoyable vape for those that favor the more generous, fruit and crispy based vapes. I can’t say I was disappointed.

Throat hit and Vapor Produce:

With my standard reviewing rig, I preferred to vape this one at 9.2w or 4.8v on a 2.5Ω dripping atty, which kept the flavors in check while yielding an average throat hit and a decent cloud. Any more heat in this set-up and the delicate crispy flavor does begin to suffer a bit, putting off a slight bitter note.

In a modified IGO-L equipped with a twisted 30ga kanthal coil (.8Ω) on an XC-116 wick, I had no issues with producing excellent clouds of sweet, crispy, strawberry vapor with no flavor degradation at all.

On that rig, however, due to extreme wattage, the cooling factor from the current component take on a far greater role in the flavor profile. This produced the best sense of balance that I was able to achieve from this juice. A very nice plume of vapor with a mild throat hit

Overall Assessment:

Overall, the profile is a play on the common sweet and crispy dissonance, leaning a bit more towards the sweeter side of the spectrum. The final component in the juice is a very light touch of menthol or, more likely, koolada, the cooling additive that lends most “ice” type e-liquids their mouth chilling quality.There is, at times, a mild crispy undertone that permeates through this e-juice. For the most part, It’s barely noticeable and at times completely imperceptible.



  • A good balance of sweet and crispy note
  • Full range of PG/VG ratio
  • A mild throat hit with abundant clouds.
  • Child-proof cap


Grab it Now from here!

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