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Review: Glacialis Menta by Cloud Alchemist

Product  Name: Glacialis Menta

Flavor Note: Frosty spearmint, cool peppermint, silky vanilla, and delicate cream blended for velvety clouds

A little about the ingredients: Mint- Peppermint, Spearmint & Silky Vanilla

Peppermint Stimulating and refreshing, the sweet smell of peppermint oil is used to awaken the mind and heighten the senses.

SpearmintResembles peppermint but possesses a more clear, pungent, but mild aroma.

Silky Vanilla – A possible type of Vanilla-Madagascar Vanilla – rich and creamy. Pure and perfect without artificiality. The true flavor can stand on its own.This is classic ice menthol ingredient, the epitome of Cloud Alchemist flavor making artistry.

Available Specifications:

  • Size:                   10ml 30ml 120ml
  • Nicotine Level:  00mg 1.5mg 03mg 06mg 12mg
  • PG/VG Ratio:     20pg/80vg 50pg/50vg

Review of Glacialis Menta:

The extreme menthol and mints are quickly becoming a staple in most juice mixers catalogs. With a fairly wide variety of minty components to choose from, the finished products I see tend to vary wildly from one vendor to the next. From the label on this one, the last of the new flavors I received from Cloud Alchemist, I knew this juice would fall somewhere along the mint/menthol spectrum. Since I had been feeling a bit under the weather anyhow, and I always reach for menthols when I’m even a little congested, I seized what I felt was the perfect opportunity to get started on Glacialis Menta. I grabbed the bottle, a freshly coiled Helios, and my Duke, a spectacular device for almost any review, but the quintessential mod for these wattage sensitive mint mixes.

Flavor profile

The flavor from Glacialis Menta is a bit more gentle than I would have expected, with a soft, almost delicate mix of mint. Wintergreen is the most pronounced flavor I get from the blend with a bit of peppermint backing it up.

The profile as a whole resembles Crest toothpaste, in the best possible way. The resemblance is actually a little odd. Crest is not my toothpaste of choice, but to be honest, I found this juice more than a little intriguing. I had a hard time putting it down, even after I felt better from my minor bout with the springtime cold. It’s crisp, clean, and refreshing, This is certainly not as intense as a lot of the more in-your-face mint e-liquids out there, but the chill on the finish is fairly intense and acts as an excellent counterpoint to the velvety smooth mints on the front end. As with most flavors in this vein, the intensity is dependent on the wattage, so its sweet spot comes down to preference.

Test Drive

On the Duke/Helios rig, I preferred it at roughly 40 watts. Even then, the front side of the vape retains that placid sense, while the back end bite is crisp and cold. Of course, at 40 watts any mint or menthol will deliver a relatively stout throat hit and a respectable cloud of vapor. On the ProVari/510 dripping rig I liked Glacialis Menta at a whopping 12.1 watts or 5.5v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. The flavors had no problem standing up to the heat despite the decreased airflow when compared to the rebuildable Helios. The flavor profile remains true regardless of device or total wattage; the only real difference is intensity.

Throat hit and vapor production

As one would expect from a juice of this nature, the throat hit can be quite powerful at high wattage so if that’s not your thing, I recommend toning it down a bit. Either way, this is another in a long line of tasty liquids from the folks over at Cloud Alchemist.

Final Verdict

The warm, velvety vanilla is a wonderful counterpart to the light menthol in this vape. Excellent vapor from my 50% VG mix. As a mint connoisseur, I would love to have the option of a standalone mint off this caliber. Even with light menthol, I find myself wanting more. All in all an excellent menthol flavor. The menthol presence is definitely there, even at the “light” level.

About the Manufacturer – Cloud Alchemist

Cloud Alchemist is one of the leading Washington e-liquid creators which develop and manufacture quality e-liquid specifically for vapors who wants premium e-liquid at reasonable prices.Cloud Alchemist give you the ability to experience different flavors within each flavor, depending on the temperature at which you vape them. Every flavor of their premium e-liquid line is designed this way. Some even produce three or more flavor experiences depending on your settings and vaping temperature! Whether you crank it up or keep it cool, with Glacialis Menta by Cloud Alchemist you’ll definitely find your best flavor spot.

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