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Vapestick Single Max Clearomiser Review

About Vapestick

Vapestick is a UK manufacturer, retailer, and wholesaler of best electronic cigarette brands and accessories. They sell products on their website as well in stores such as Harrods, Tesco, WHSmith, and Shell.

They are a founding member of ECITA the European Trade Association for the Electronic Cigarette Industry. In 2014, one of the co-founders at VAPESTICK – Michael Clapper – was selected as Chairman of ECITA.

Vapestick is endorsed by celebrities Mischa Barton (star of the OC) and Helen Flanagan (ex-Coronation Street actress and glamor model). Check out the video below to see Vapestick and Mischa Barton


Vapestick Single Max Clearomiser Review

What’s in the Single Max Clearomiser Kit?

1  Black MAX (650mAh) Rechargeable Battery
1  VAPESTICK Refillable Clearomiser (Blue)
1  MAX USB Charger
1  10ml ‘Leaf Tobacco’ flavored V-Liquid (1.8% nicotine strength)
Instructions (rear panel of the box)
PROMO  1 Free MAX Lanyard


Clearomiser Specs

Normal working voltage  3.3V to 4.2V
Liquid capacity  1.6ml
Resistance  2.5 ohms
Drip type  Round
Charge voltage  110 to 220V
Weight  15g
Length  7.2c

Compatible with either VAPESTICK’s MAX or MAX (Plus) batteries only.
No cotton, no leakage, no burning taste, easy refilling
6ml of liquid will deliver around 400 puffs


Our Thoughts on the Vapestick Refillable Starter Kit

Aesthetics and Packaging

The vape pens kit comes in is really good. It looks and feels great and is well constructed. It also comes with a good instruction manual. I have lost count of a number of times we have seen useless instruction manuals with spelling mistakes and terrible formatting. This is one is well written and covers everything you need to know about the kit – perfect for anyone new to vaping.

The Vapestick product itself consists of a refillable clearomiser and a 650mAh battery. The kit also comes with one 10ml tobacco e-liquid and a USB charger. The battery is fairly small and the clearomiser is colored in a shade of blue. The whole vape pen looks good and is very lightweight. The single max battery also lights up blue at the bottom when you vape.


Vapestick Single Max – Lighting

The Vapestick single max kit is really easy to use, even for beginners. The tank/clearomiser can be refilled by unscrewing the mouthpiece. The coil inside the clearomizer is non-replaceable. This means the coil will burn out after 3-4 weeks of vaping and you will need to purchase a new tank.

The battery connects easily to the USB charger which needs to be plugged into a laptop or PC. The battery takes a couple of hours to recharge, so it could be worth having a spare one on hand.

The battery life was pretty good and lasted us one and a half days of regular vaping. For heavier vapers the battery life will probably be less than that.

Vapor Production and E-Liquid Taste

The e-liquid that comes with the kit, is a tobacco leaf flavor in a 1.8% nicotine level. I am not the biggest tobacco flavor fan, but this had a nice sweet note to it, without tasting too intensely of tobacco. The Vapestick e-liquids are all made in the UK and are high quality which is great. The bottle did come with a nice small drip tip to make refilling the tanks easier which was a good feature.

The vapor production was pretty impressive, bearing in mind the small sized battery. You get a good throat hit that compares to smoking normal analog cigarettes and the vapor brings out good flavor from the e-liquid.


– Small and lightweight
– Great price
– Kit come with a USB charger and a 10ml bottle of e-liquid
– Decent amount of vapor
– Tobacco Leaf e-liquid tasted good (slight sweet note and light tobacco taste)
– Non-leaky tank
– Good vape pen kit for starters or people new to vaping


– The tank has no replaceable coils, so the whole tank will need to replaced after 3-4 weeks (good for lazy people who don’t like to fiddle around with new coils etc)
– Kit only comes in one flavor and nicotine level (1.8%)  You can buy other flavors in different nicotine levels in addition to this kit.

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