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Banana Milk by Moo e Liquids Review

Banana is a popular flavor for most vapers because the taste is easy to simulate. It also delivers that subtle yet bold flavor. That is why, it has the tendency to be so addicting. In addition, the flavor is very smooth to the throat at the same time brings that kick. Coincidentally, I’ve been craving milk flavors so I decided to hit two birds with one stone. Initially, I tried to manually mix but I could not get it right so I opted to get the Banana Milk blend from Moo eLiquids instead. Nothing else to say but it won me over!


According to the vape store ecig.com, Moo e-liquids’ Banana Milk has created the creamiest of creamiest banana e-liquids with that yummy creamy milky base that will make this is a favorite go to for your vaping pleasures.


70% VG / 30% PG


Banana Milk is made with only the finest USP grade ingredients with Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, natural flavoring, and nicotine.


The Moo e-Liquids is one of the collection under the mother company Kilo e-Liquids. They are a US-based manufacturer of top gourmet juices. They started in the vaping industry in 2014 and continually grow methodically until the present. This company has garnered numerous awards for always exceeding the expectations of the vaping community. Based on their home page, their line has grown to a full intricate collection of 5 distinct flavor profiles concocted; each flavor inspired by a new breed of influences. One of these gourmet flavors is Banana Milk from the Moo e Liquids collection.


This is available in two variants. The 60 ml bottle retails at $24.99 while the 120 ml is 20 dollars more. I got the 60 ml bottle by the way.


This e-juice has a classy look. It comes in a glass bottle with gold embossed letterings on the label. It really looks very regal with a playful twist. What makes it interesting is the cap. It comes with a dripper and designed with cow spots on the handle thus, it’s very easy for me to find and pick this flavor among my vape juice assortment. The label shows its flavor name and their cow head logo. On the other side, you can see the nicotine and liquid net content as well as the warning labels. As soon as I finish this bottle, I plan to either re-use the bottle or keep it in my stash as a décor. Kilo e-Liquids is known for their packaging’s neat and chic look; this one’s definitely not an exemption.


I admit what made me purchase this e-liquid is mostly because of its manufacturer. I have heard many good things about them and when I did my research, I was able to confirm most of the testimonials. They do milk flavors better than most companies. Nowadays, I’ve been fixating on milk based flavors. And a banana is a no brainer to mix with milk, so Banana Milk it is! I would say that this e-liquid’s flavor is very delightful. I enjoy its rich and creamy taste of fresh milk paired with the subtle sweetness of ripe bananas. It tastes like a banana milkshake, very gentle yet bold with every inhale and exhale; luscious and downright delicious, Banana Milk by Moo E-Liquids will leave your mouth watering for more.


I used a single Clapton and maintained low wattage from 30-35 W because I wanted to keep the flavor. Even so, I was still happy with the vapor capacity of this juice.  I was able to produce white puffy thick clouds. It also lingers along with the light banana aroma. I noticed that it has very thick consistency because it has a higher VG content. It also smells good out from the box. As clear-cut as it is, it smells like ripe banana. I like that the scent is light and not too overpowering.  Banana Milk has a lot of banana on the inhale and then mellows to banana milk smoothie or milkshake on the exhale. I really find this addicting. There’s something about its subtle flavor and sweet aftertaste that makes me want to chain vape like crazy!

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