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Review Of Prepaid E-Juice By Broke Dick

Prepaid e-juice is the perfect vape juice for you if you are fond of watermelon. There are also other fruit flavors in this product.  Prepaid e-juice is made by Broke Dick who is located on Somerset Drive in Largo, FL.

Flavor Description

Prepaid by Broke Dick has the natural taste of watermelon. Once inhaled this is the first fruit taste that comes out.  It’s followed by tastes of raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry. It is indeed a fruit filled e-juice. The taste of this product is rich and it lasts long in your mouth. The flavors have been mixed perfectly and you for sure will want a taste for more once you tried it.  You know that you are using the best cheap vape juice with Prepaid e-juice. Broke Dick has made the taste rich enough to take vaping to the next level.

This e-juice will leave a pleasant taste in your mouth. Broke Dick has mixed the flavors of Prepaid e-juice skillfully. Should you order the product and the taste does not come out just right, you may try shaking the bottle to mix it properly, or possibly steep it for a few days.

Nicotine Strength

Prepaid e-juice is available in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. You are given a choice on what you prefer. There is no higher than the 6mg with Broke Dick’s Prepaid e-juice.


Prepaid e-juice has a ratio of 70/30. This of course means it is thick and is perfect for dipping. It also works great in a tank if you prefer.

Throat Hit

Prepaid e-juice has a soothing throat hit. Upon inhaling the liquid it gives you a relaxing feel that is not uncomfortable to your throat.  Prepaid e-juice gives you the feeling of inhaling almost nothing. Though there is a mild hit not really that strong.

Vapor Production

Prepaid e-juice gives you thick clouds that do not disappear right away. This gets the highest marks when it comes to vapor production. If you want to show off the clouds when you vape, then Prepaid e-juice is the best cheap vape juice for you.


The label on the Prepaid e-juice bottle has been made attractive to make it stand out from the other e-juices in the market. Its yellow shade is not strong to the eyes. Broke Dick has made Prepaid in a plastic bottle and it does not come with a dripper tip. This has been done in order for Broke dick to cut the cost. The dripper tip can be purchased from the company for only 50 cents and it comes with this e-liquid. You may also choose use your old ones.


Broke Dick is based in Florida and is one of the rising names in the US vaping market.  They are focused on making premium e-liquids at very cheap prices. The company uses the best quality ingredients for its blends. You can tell that an e-liquid is high quality when it gives off a very appetizing aroma as Cash Advance does. Broke Dick has other equally good e-juice blends in its line including The 15th, The 1st, Water Cup, Prepaid, Overdraft, and Payday.


 A 120 ml bottle of Prepaid e-juice costs only $22. This is just easy for your money. You buy the best quality vape juice with a reasonable price. You can buy the e-juice from Broke Dick’s website. There are different vape juices to compete with this product, but this one stands out from the rest of the other e-juices available in the market today. You do not feel that you have been robbed of your money when buying this product. Once you buy it, it’s all worth it.

Prepaid e-juice is worth the try. You can get some and make your vaping experience memorable. There are also other flavors from Broke Dick that you can choose from. These are the 1st, the 15th, Cash Advance, Payday and Water Cup e-juices.  Prepaid e-juice is definitely will make you want to come back for more.

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