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Cuban Blend Tobacco by Naked 100 Review

If e-liquids with tobacco flavor is your thing, you need to try out Cuban Blend Tobacco by Naked 100. It is a downright unique tobacco blend. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself vaping this e-juice all-day, every day until the bottle is empty. Vaping Cuban Blend Tobacco will remind you of puffing on a Cuban cigar. The best part of this is that the taste of this e-liquid is strong and its aroma is flavorful. This is a perfect e-juice to pick if you are transitioning from smoking tobacco sticks to vaping.

Naked 100’s Cuban Blend Tobacco has a rich taste and aroma of tobacco leaves. The best way to describe the aroma is like that of an expensive Cuban cigar made with the finest tobacco leaves. Unlike some e-juice blends with tobacco flavor that you will find on the market, Cuban Blend Tobacco is very smooth. Still, the flavor is intense. The flavor does not change much on the inhale and exhale. There is a certain sweetness to this e-liquid, but it is very light. The taste does not change very much when you vape this e-juice from a tank or an RDA. Cuban Blend Tobacco by Naked 100 is a top shelf e-juice. You may enjoy it even if you do not like the usual e-liquids with tobacco flavor.

Cuban Blend Tobacco comes in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, or 12mg of nicotine. It has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 65vg/35pg. This means that it has a strong throat hit but will not irritate your throat. The throat hit that you get when vaping this e-juice from Naked 100 is just what you expect from an e-liquid with tobacco flavor. At 3mg, the throat hit is mellow and pleasant. Even when you vape this e-liquid at high wattages on a device like the Smok Alien 220W Premium MOD Kit, you will not get any irritation in your throat.

The vapor production of Cuban Blend Tobacco is just as it should be. It is not an e-liquid for cloud chasing, but you will get pretty dense vapor from it. Overall, it doesn’t disappoint in terms of cloud production for a 65vg blend.

Cuban Blend Tobacco by Naked 100 comes in a clear glass bottle with a dropper cap. There is a metallic-colored label on the bottle that contains some information about the product. The e-liquid has dark amber color so you can tell that it has been pre-steeped. This means you will get the best flavor off the jump.

Naked 100 is one of the popular names in the US vaping market although the brand was only introduced in 2016. The says a lot about how successful the brand has been. The Naked 100 Line was created by The Schwartz E-Liquids, which is based in California. The company uses top quality ingredients to prepare its e-juice blends, and you can tell when you vape them. Naked 100 is not known for its tobacco flavor e-liquids. The brand was initially launched with three e-liquids with fruit flavor. The brand later expanded to include other flavors like tobacco and menthol. There is even one Naked 100 e-liquid with bubble gum flavor. Apart from Cuban Blend Tobacco, the two other e-liquids with tobacco flavor in the Naked 100 line are Euro Gold Tobacco and American Cowboy Tobacco.

You can get Cuban Blend Tobacco and other e-liquids from Naked 100 in most vape stores. It costs an average of $20 for a 60ml bottle of Naked 100 e-liquids. However, you can get them on some sites for a cheaper rate. For example, a 60ml bottle of Cuban Blend Tobacco costs $15.95 on www.smokly.com.

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