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The Smok Vape Pen Plus Review

The Smok Vape Pen Plus Starter Kit is a slightly larger edition of the very popular Vape Pen 22 which has increased battery life due to the 3000 mAh and a greater tank capacity of 4 ml.  Measuring just 24.5mm in diameter, the Vape Pen Plus chassis features the classic pen-style form factor and an integrated battery that has the ability to charge via a side mounted Micro USB port.  The output of the Vape Pen Plus is based on a voltage based output which drives the coil according to the battery’s state and its remaining life. The pen also boasts a nice suite of safety features for additional protection.

The system is designed to be an all in one platform, with the Vape Pen’s coil system directly threading  into the chassis, positioning itself above its two 13mm by 2mm air-slots and is secured via the threading located on the top cap. The Smok Vape Pen Plus includes two Vape Pen coils that measure 0.25 ohms in resistance and is fitted to the natural output curves of the unit, providing an excellent balance between vapor, flavor, and efficient use of its battery. The tank assembly is one that is o-ring sealed. The device top-fills for convenience, and features two large filling- slots that allow for the convenient maximum filling of pen’s 4 ml tank capacity.  Truly designed as a larger, longer range edition of the very popular Vape Pen 22, the Smok Vape Pen Plus Starter Kit is a most powerful and ergonomic system that is indeed a class leader within this cost segment.

The Smok Vape Pen Plus is designed for beginners as well as for vapers who are looking for a stealth setup that can offer a fantastic sub-ohm vaping experience by just using a small, simple easy to use package.

The typical vape pen used to be associated with ‘dry herb’ and was a part of the vaping community. Although the term was used by Smok for this model, The Vape Pen Plus is meant to be used for e-liquid and not dry-herbs.

Before you begin to use it, you will have to screw in one of the two coil heads, pop on the tank section which is glass, fill it with your favorite  juice and screw on the top cap. If you need to refill it, just unscrew its top cap and fill. Now, who doesn’t love a top-fill vape tank?

When you are filling it for the first time, you need to allow the tank to stand for several minutes to allow the juice absorb into the coil head. You can completely disassemble the Vape Pen Plus to clean it no problem and putting it back together is a snap.

The power button is responsive, it has a good size and it provides a LED indicator, too. It’s width is 22mm, its height 110mm, and it weighs a mere 90g, thus making it a lightweight device that’s easy to hold in your hand. In addition to that, the single button operation makes it rather easy and convenient to use. This is a great unit that you will be able to carry around with you in your pocket or bag no problem.

When you are looking for vaping equipment, performance will always be your number one priority. Regardless of how good it looks, everything will be futile unless it gives you the kind of performance you are looking for. So, the five million dollar question is, does the Smok Vape Pen Plus provide the kind of vaping experience that will win over the hearts of newbie vapers while keeping the more experienced ones happy and  satisfied? The answer is a big yes.

Vaping hardware technology has come a long way since the days of the 3.2 volt eGo battery, which was often topped with a 510 tube atomizer or possibly even a Stardust CE4 tank. While for sure there is no way that you are going to win monster cloud competitions with this one, its vapor production is ample, not to mention the great flavor it gives off. With the Smok Vaper Pen Plus, you get a product that packs performance and simplicity into one fantastic model.

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