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Broke Dick Prepaid E-juice Review

Watermelon lovers out there, rejoice! Broke Dick has the perfect blend for you to crave on. (Feels like summer all year long!) As described on its website, you can expect the full flavor of juicy blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and luscious watermelon for a tropical kick. It is the vape of your dreams.

Prepaid by Broke Dick tastes just like a natural watermelon. In fact, it is the first taste you will get once you inhale. The rest of the flavors that will follow are raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry. This sure is fun, fruit flavor-filled blend.

The taste of this product is rich and lingers on your mouth for quite a long time. The flavors are perfectly mixed and you will surely crave for more. Broke Dick definitely delivers the cheap e-liquid in town without sacrificing quality and customer satisfaction.

Since I call myself a curios and adventurous vaper, I did a little experiment and mixed a little bit of menthol. Boy was I surprised, it tasted great! Some e-juices do not really complement with each other, but this one’s different. Its sweetness is also perfect and well-balanced, something that is not too harsh on the throat.

The Prepaid e-juice comes in three nicotine strengths to cater all of Broke Dick’s customers’ needs. You can opt for 6 mg if you want something strong, 3 mg for average users, and 0 mg for those who want to skip nicotine from their system.

It has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 70VG/30PG. Vegetable glycerin is used as a food additive and as a carrier for flavors and nicotine on e-juices. Propylene glycol, on the other hand, is also a food additive that can be found in things we usually eat. That being said, expect not too thick or too thin clouds. Clouds are pretty solid and do not easily disperse. It is perfect for dipping and works great in whatever tank you prefer.

In terms of throat hit, this e-juice works smoothly. On the inhale, you will experience a relaxing feel that is not harsh on the throat. It is not overwhelming or underwhelming, just the right balance with satisfying taste.
Talking about packaging, the product’s label has been made to stand out — printed in bold yellow (don’t worry, it’s not painful to the eyes at all). It is stored in a large, clear plastic bottle and comes with a wide screw top. The label comes with a picture of a man as well who obviously looks broke.

The label contains the typical warnings, batch numbers, and expiration date on the left side. And the opposite side bears a very brief description about the product, its list of ingredients, and a QR code that will take you to Broke Dick’s official website.

Broke Dick is actually a Clearwater, Florida-based firm that has established its name in the US vaping market. It focuses on crafting premium e-liquids that come at a very cheap yet reasonable price tag. Despite its cost, you can’t belittle Broke Dick’s products as it has been made with quality in mind. You can tell that on the very appetizing aroma it produces. Other than the Prepaid, Broke Dick has other equally good e-juices on its line, namely, The 15th, The 1st, Water Cup, Overdraft, and Payday.

Most online shops sell a 120-ml bottle of Prepaid for as much as $30, but you can secure your own for as low as $25 from https://www.lizardjuice.com. I’ve tried other blends before and this one is somewhat close to Aqua – Flow, Oasis, and Pure. And at this price point, I won’t argue that Broke Dick sure has a good offer on the table.

Overall, this is possibly one of the best tasting e-juices I have tried, and I think this has become my new favorite. I mean, who doesn’t love an e-juice with a great taste and cheap price? You surely won’t stop wanting the kind of fruity goodness this baby brings to your mouth. So again, if you are hunting for a flavorful e-juice with an affordable price, look no further.

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