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The Custard Factory Butterscotch Custard E Liquid Review

My grandmother was quite of a story teller and she would tell me stories of her adventures. I really never got bored of them, and one of my favorites was how she helped some bakers do a little chores in exchange for some desserts. Yes, she’s kind-of a sweet tooth person like me. She said she would sweep the floor or wash some utensils, and she would always ask for a piece of butterscotch custard pie in return.

Growing up listening to her stories, I’ve always wanted to taste the best butterscotch custard pie because that’s what she would always buy for me. However, as much as I love to eat desserts, I have to trim down my caloric intake. Thus, I searched for alternatives and bumped into this Butterscotch Custard vape juice that really tastes like the real one. Here are my thoughts on this Custard Factory Premium e liquid.

But before the review, I have a secret to share with you: I closed my eyes when I took the very first puff of this e-juice LOL. First off, this is really butterscotch custard, and both flavors in this blend really go well together. The juice is spot on, with a thick, rich, and creamy flavor. Now how do I put these excellent flavors into words? Well, just imagine yourself buying a decadent and rich butterscotch custard pie from the finest bakery in town as a vaper. That is the kind of flavor you’ll get… of high and premium quality that cannot be compared with any standard custard-infused e-juices.

I also have to commend that this vape juice really did stick to its flavor profile: “Distinct flavors of spicy brown sugar layered with smooth, melted butter and tidbits of creamy vanilla. It’s a candy coated dream!” The complexity of its flavor is well-balanced and I love how exquisite its taste has become.

This vape juice has a 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol ratio. Even at 70/30, its vapor and cloud production delivers outstanding performance. I bet many cloud chasers will also love this bottle for its humongous clouds that do not just disperse easily. It also leaves a pleasant-room note.

One of the signs that you are vaping a good juice is when people around starts to comment of its scent. I tried using this at a public smoking area one time, and others couldn’t help but ask what I was using. They even joked about it, saying it makes them want to run to the nearest bakery or vape shop because they are craving and drooling for some. Another reason I love about this e-juice is that it runs smoothly and pleasantly, with no throat hit or nose burning sensation of some kind.

This premium e-liquid comes in three nicotine levels. The 6 mg of nicotine suits those who want to try the strongest hit this flavor can offer. Yes, I am pretty aware that this is only a fraction compared with other brands that offer up to 24 mg, but this already suits most of other vapers’ needs. The 3 mg of nicotine caters average users or those who are just starting up with vaping. And the 0 mg of nicotine version suits those who wants a nicotine-free guaranteed blend or those who just want to taste the juice.

Shop vape juice online and secure an awesome deal for this The Custard Factory Butterscotch Custard e-juice. You can grab a 30-mL bottle of this blend for as low as $15.99 only. You can save some bucks here as I have visited other online shops that sell this for up to $20.

Overall, the Butterscotch Custard by The Custard Factory is an affordable luxurious blend you can enjoy. Flavor is spot on, cloud and vapor production is good, suitable as an all-day vape, presentation is adorable, and price is affordable. This is basically an all-in-one package you just won’t easily find these days.

In case you are wondering, The Custard Factory is a relatively small e-liquid maker that uniquely caters to all custard vape lovers. You got that right! This brand makes premium custard-infused vape juices with different variations including vanilla, butterscotch, peanut butter, and cinnamon. So if you feel like trying other custard-flavored e-liquids, head to their site for interesting offers.

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