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Cheap E-Juice Peach E-Liquid Review

The sweetness, juiciness, and freshness of peaches make it one of the most flavorful fruit-based vape juices in the community. That being said, fruit flavor lovers will surely enjoy and will have a hard time resisting this Peach eliquid from Cheap E-Juice. (Check this out at cheapejuice.com.)

“Peach by Cheap eJuice is a peach flavored e-juice with freshly sliced peaches and apples making this all day vape perfect for the upcoming summer.”

I was giddy excited after that peachy aroma started leaking out the 120 mL chubby gorilla bottle. This unicorn refillable container has a child-resistant cap and a needle tip that allows you to easily and directly squeeze out the ejuice into any atomizer or dripper. The label, wrapped around the bottle, contains all the possible relevant information about the product. This includes flavor name, brand name, size, nicotine level, manufacturing date, expiration date, and the usual warning.

I literally gave the ejuice a taste test, and I was thrilled with the kind of flavor it brought to my mouth. I excitedly filled my tank with a few drops of this, and here goes my peachy flavored journey.

Both the inhale and exhale will give you an awesome goodness peach flavor that tastes like it has just been picked from the tree and was squeezed right there and then. What’s more, there’s an added flavor of apple slices on the tail end. The sweetness, has been tweaked to perfection. I tend to despise eliquids that taste like artificial sweeteners. Some even cause coughing or spluttering. But this one got some natural sweet taste in there, and I love every puff I take from this. It is sweet but not overly, and it does not irritate your throat.

The Peach ejuice from Cheap E-Liquid is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. This ratio is perfect for both flavor and cloud chasers out there. The clouds for this vape juice are very puffy and full. Clouds are dense and can last for quite a time. Vapor is really excellent as well. This vape runs pleasant on the throat too, without causing your throat and mouth to feel dry.

This tough guy remains true to its profile. When it said it is a perfect all-day vape, it really is good. The throat hit from the nicotine is smooth and easy, suitable especially if you are using a high-powered tank. This is a good refresher as well for those who are hunting for something smooth and light. And if you are a noob who is yet to explore the fruit flavor market, this is highly recommended as well. The flavor is not overwhelming, just enough for your taste buds to handle.

There are two nicotine options available for this blend – 3 mg and 6 mg. The 3 mg version suits those who are looking for a mellower hit, and 6 mg for a stronger one. While there is no concrete answer to what nicotine level you should begin, I always tell newbies to go to the lowest level first then gradually find their way up (one level at a time). For previous cigarette smokers, 6 mg is usually a good start as it mimics the kind of hit they get from the cigarette. They can also eventually find their way up or down, whatever their goals are.

For average vapers, the 120 mil bottle sure has a long way to go. Meanwhile, Cheap E-Juice is set to defy common norms, in which we pay high prices for large, premium quality vape juices. This Costa Mesa, California-based company has an extensive line of eliquids that are not only self-explanitorily named, but are also friendly to the pocket. The 120-mL bottle of Peach ejuice, for instance, only costs as low as $12.99. You really just can’t find anything below 15 bucks these days, can you?

Overall, the Peach eliquid by Cheap E-Juice is something you should really try. I highly recommend this to all looking for some fruity blends at a very affordable price. The flavor is spot on, cloud/vapor production excellent, affordable price, straightforward presentation, and perfect all-day vape. Shop at Cheap E-Juice’s Fruit Flavors collection to get some e-liquid deals.

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