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Apple E-Juice by Fantasi E-Liquid Review

Fantasi E-Liquid’s Apple is based on the taste of Fanta Apple. It has the crisp and delicious taste of apple soda. There are two versions of this Apple e-juice; Fantasi E-Liquid Apple and Fantasi E-Liquid Apple Ice. The difference between the two is that the latter version has some hints of mint/menthol flavor which gives it a cooling taste. Fantasi E-Liquid Apple is arguably the best e-juice on the market based on the flavor of apple soda. The taste of the e-liquid has just the right level of intensity to keep you vaping on. Once you try this e-liquid, you’ll understand why so many vapers across the world swear by the blend.

Fantasi E-Liquid is a relative newcomer to the market. The company has taken the market by storm with its impressive e-juice blends. All the e-liquids in the Fantasi series come in a normal and an iced version. Apart from the Fantasi line, Fantasi E-Liquid has other e-juice lines namely Trix Series, TPD Series, and Aroma Series. Besides Apple, the other e-liquid flavors in the Fantasi line are Lemonade, Grape, Mango, and Orange. You can get a 65ml bottle of each of these e-liquids on VapeClubMY for $11.99 each.

Apple by Fantasi E-Liquid has the real taste of apples. It is a little sweet, but the sweetness level is not too intense. You can surely chain vape on this e-juice without getting sick of its sweetness. The flavor of this Apple blend is very strong. It is one of those flavors that is in-your-face. This e-liquid has a very delicious aftertaste. Since this Fantasi e-juice has a single fruit flavor, it is perfect for mixing with other e-liquids. You can mix it with other fruity blends or any other e-juice flavor that you like.

Fantasi E-Liquid’s Apple has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. You can choose to drip this e-liquid or vape it from a tank, and you won’t be let down by how it tastes. If you want to savor this e-liquid, then you should vape it from an RDA. Although this is a MAX VG blend, it has a lot of flavor and will tantalize your taste buds. The vapor production of this Fantasi E-Liquid blend is excellent. You will get big clouds of vapor from each hit it especially when you turn up the wattage.

Apple by Fantasi E-Liquid comes with different nicotine strength levels. You can get this e-liquid with 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. The throat hit of this e-juice is not very intense. When vaping the version of this blend with 3mg of nicotine, the throat hit is very mild, and you can hardly feel it. If you want a heavy throat hit, you can mix it with a nicotine booster.

This Apple e-liquid comes in an opaque, red bottle with a dropper cap. You can easily fill your tank or drip on your coils using the dropper. There is some branding on the bottle of the e-juice. Overall, the packaging of this e-liquid is elegant. Fantasi E-Liquid is among the e-liquid makers with the best packaging design.

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