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Vape Moar Prince Pucker Eliquid Sampler Review

When it comes to sour vapes, we really have very limited options. And most of the times, not many can even come close to giving us a real sour kick. However, Prince Pucker eliquid by Vape Moar definitely hits that mark. Read my review below and see if this ejuice really deserves the crown. (Check Vape Moar’s website for more premium vape juice flavors.)

“Prince Pucker will be King one day, just wait and see! This upstart eliquid is a faithful Green Apple vape without the overly candy notes that plague EVERY green apple flavor on the market. While we love green candies too, there’s a lot more to ruling a kingdom than one version of one flavor. Prince Pucker is our interpretation of a ripe and sweet Green Apple, with subtle hints of that sour pucker that everybody loves, but nobody is ‘in love with’. Prince Pucker will tickle your mouth to a point just short of mouthwatering on the inhale, then take you there on the exhale with a sweet and crisp finish you’ll love.”

I am not really a fan of green apple, and I thought this is not my kind of vape. But when I did my first puff, I made some reconsideration for this blend. I was a bit worried this would run overly sweet but I was surprised to get a very nice and well balanced flavor. Prince Pucker has a wonderfully sweet fruity inhale, and a delicious sour exhale. It is a pretty simple flavor, giving sweet and sour green apple taste through and through. This is extremely smooth and you won’t feel any harshness, throat irritation, or whatever. I am highly recommending this to all vapers who love the sweet and sour kick of green apples.

Prince Pucker has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 75/25. Because it has a high vegetable glycerin content, the liquid itself runs a bit thick, but it will not kill your coil. Its vapor production is above average. It produces a nice, smooth vape. Cloud lovers will also fall onto their knees as this produces puffy clouds with a light and simple apple scent that will fill any room with your own cloud heaven.This vape juice is a great vape for those who are hunting for something that does not have an intense throat hit. If you are really into sour vapes, then this is a perfect all-day vape… or even an all-week or all-month as long as you don’t get tired of the taste. I also recommend this for vapers who plans to gradually introduce nicotine into their vape diet.

Speaking of nicotine, Prince Pucker is available in five nicotine strength options. It comes in 0mg, 2mg, 4mg, 8mg, and 16mg of nicotine. This will suit in any tank or dripper. However, it is recommended that you don’t vape this at high temperatures or wattage. There is a high tendency that you will get a burnt taste because of the delicacy of the fruit flavorings.

I did a little tinkering on the Baby Beast. At 40 watts, you will get a subtly flavored green apple flavor. When increased to 45 watts, there is only a very faint candy and tart green apple taste. And at 50 and above, well, I really got that funky burnt fruit taste. In conclusion, I settled down to between 40 and 45 watts to get that sweet candy tart and crisp green apple taste.

Overall, Prince Pucker is definitely a good alternative especially if you want to take a break from those sweet eliquids and you are looking for a lovely tangy taste. If you think this is too sour, then you can always add some sweet eliquids too. Nothing is more fun than experimenting and creating your own personal favorite vape juice!

You can get Prince Pucker eliquid sampler (18 ml) for as low as $3 only! Want some additives? Check out its Small Bottles collection and pick from the wide variety of flavors with interesting names available on it. There is Georgia Striker, Melon Quench, Blueberry Boss, Smith’s Apple, Crucible Cream, and Spring Fling.

Vape Moar is a new brand that takes pride in its philosophy to craft top-quality eliquids for less money. It aims to deliver its products directly to you, the end consumers, at near wholesale prices.

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