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Skrilla Vanilla E-Juice by VanVal Vapor Review

Skrilla Vanilla is another exceptional e-liquid from VanVal Vapor. According to the official flavor description, it is a combination of various vanilla and cream flavors. This e-liquid tastes like a vanilla custard or a creamy vanilla cake. It is for every vaper who loves creamy and sweet desserts. Skrilla Vanilla has a silky smooth taste that you will not get sick of quickly. It is certainly an all day vape. If you have sampled other e-liquids with vanilla flavor and you were not impressed, you need to try this one. This is one of the best vanilla e-liquids on the market today. It doesn’t taste like anything else out there. Whether you vape this e-juice straight or mix it with other flavors, it will blow you away.

You can get Skrilla Vanilla from the VanVal Vapor online store. The e-juice comes in 17.5ml, 65ml, 125ml and 210ml bottles which cost $3.49, $8.99, $15.99, and $24.99 respectively.

Skrilla Vanilla by VanVal Vapor has a sweet and creamy vanilla flavor. From the moment you open the bottle, you can smell the vanilla flavor in this e-juice. It doesn’t smell artificial and doesn’t have any weird aftertaste. It has a full-bodied vanilla flavor. You can pick out the vanilla bean flavor when vaping this VanVal blend. Skrilla Vanilla is sweet, but its sweetness is not overwhelming. The taste of this e-juice does not change much on the inhale and exhale. The creaminess of the blend becomes very bold on the exhale. Overall, the flavor of this e-liquid is rich, but it is not too strong. You will enjoy it even if you don’t like e-juice flavors that are in-your-face.

If you buy a bottle of Skrilla Vanilla and it doesn’t taste as it should, you need to steep it. VanVal e-liquids are usually shipped fresh from the factory so all the ingredients used in the blend may not have had enough time to mix well. Two weeks is the recommended time for steeping e-liquids, but you can steep it for a longer period. You will notice that the color of the e-juice will get darker as it steeps. Steeping works best for e-liquids that contain nicotine.

Skrilla Vanilla is a MAX VG e-liquid. This VanVal Vapor e-juice has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20. You will enjoy the taste of this e-liquid whether you choose to drip it or vape it with a sub ohm tank. Skrilla Vanilla is not a coil killer. Your coil will not get blackened from vaping this e-liquid. The vapor production of this e-juice is excellent. You will get some hefty clouds of vapor from each hit. If you are a cloud chaser, rest assured you will enjoy vaping this one.

Like other e-liquids from VanVal Vapor, Skrilla Vanilla is produced with different nicotine strength levels so that every vaper can enjoy the same flavor. It comes with 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 4.5mg, 6mg, 7.5mg, 9mg, 10.5mg or 12mg of nicotine. The kind of throat hit that you will get from vaping this e-juice depends on the nicotine level that you choose. Skrilla Vanilla is made of NicSelect Nicotine so you will not develop any throat issues from vaping it even when you turn up the wattage. Most vapers can get an enjoyable throat hit from 6mg of nicotine, but if you were a heavy smoker, you would need higher nicotine strength to hit the spot.

Skrilla Vanilla has the same simple packaging design that VanVal Vapor uses for all their e-liquids. It comes in a clear plastic bottle which has a yellow label on it. The label features the VanVal Vapor logo and also contains some information about the product. You will have no problems filling a tank or dripping on coils directly from the bottle. You can snip off the tip of the bottle sprout to allow the e-juice flow freely.

VanVal Vapor is one of the top brands in the market when it comes to affordable vape juice. The company has a wide collection of premium e-liquids which are sold at ridiculously low prices. Currently, VanVal has two e-liquid lines on the market namely 7 Chakras and August 8th. The company is also selling a vaping hardware known as the Chakra Mod.

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