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Cotton Candy E-Liquid by Circus Review

Do you remember the delicious cotton candy that you relished as a kid? You can still enjoy the delicious flavor of cotton candy with Circus’ Cotton Candy. This e-liquid will remind you of your childhood. It is light and sugary, just like real cotton candy.

Cotton Candy is a fun vape. It is the type of vape juice that you can chain vape on without any issues. You can vape it during a break at work or just for pleasure. 

Flavor Description

The smell of the e-juice is more like a bubblegum cotton candy. It reminds me of bubblegum blue razz cotton candy in my opinion.

Using an RDA at 110 watts and 0.12 ohms, Cotton Candy has somewhat of a bubblegum note to the flavor. It’s reminiscent of the bubblicious cotton candy bubble gum. According to the official flavor description, there isn’t supposed to be any bubblegum flavor in it. However, it is hard to miss the bubblegum flavor in this blend.

On in the inhale, you can taste the bubble gum base. And, on the exhale, I get the cotton candy flavor. It leaves a very nice aftertaste in your mouth. It will not give you sugar lips, but a delicious cotton candy, bubblegum aftertaste.

Cotton Candy is a sugary cotton candy e-juice. It is a sweet vape. If you like candy e-liquids, grab a bottle of this one now. The e-juice is simply yummy. It is not an all-day vape for me, but I can see myself enjoying it at least every other day.

VG/PG Ratio

Cotton Candy has an 80/20, VG/PG ratio. The e-juice is quite thick. It is a sweet vape. Hence I prefer dripping it instead vaping it with a tank. It could hold up in a tank for some time, but you may go through your coils pretty fast.

This Circus e-liquid has abundant cloud production. It gives you nice, thick clouds that spread and linger in the air for a few seconds.

Nicotine Strength

The nicotine strength levels available for Cotton Candy by Circus are 0 mg, 3 mg or 6 mg. The vape juice has a very smooth throat hit on the inhale and the exhale. You will barely feel any throat hit at 3mg. You get a very mild sensation with the 6mg version.


Circus’ Cotton Candy has a colorful packaging design. The e-juice comes in a gorilla unicorn bottle. There is a label on the bottle with the company’s logo, product name, nicotine strength, bottle capacity, and more.


Currently, you can get any e-liquid in the Circus line at a 43% discount on from the actual price at Vape Sale. A 100-ml bottle is selling for only $15.99 at this store. This means that you will be saving about $12.00.

There are frequent sales and promotions at Vape Sales that you can take advantage of to save money on your purchases.

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Circus is a brand created by Puff Labs.  This company, which is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the leading e-liquid manufacturers in the world. Puff Labs has many e-liquid lines. Two of the most popular ones are Circus Cookies and Strange Fruit.

There are four e-liquids in the Circus line namely Circus Cookie, Cotton Candy, Coconut Cake, and Circus Cooler. Each of them provides a fantastic vaping experience. Circus makes its e-liquids using top-quality ingredients and the latest brewing methods. As far as cotton candy vapes go, doesn’t get better than Circus’ Cotton Candy.

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