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Bankroll #6 E-Liquid by Broke Dick Review


Broke Dick has a wide collection of e-liquids with different flavors. In this review, we will be looking at Bankroll #6. This e-juice has the taste of a tropical cheesecake. The e-juice has a sweet and slightly tart taste with the creaminess of cheesecake flavor. This e-juice will tingle your taste buds with every puff.

Broke Dick is known for selling quality vape liquids at reasonable prices. This is one of the company’s ways to stay ahead of the competition. Broke Dick e-liquids are manufactured in a clean lab based in Florida.

Bankroll #6 is part of Broke Dick’s limited edition series. This company has many other impressive e-juice flavors such as Bankroll #8, Bankroll #7, and a lot more.

Flavor Profile

Bankroll #6 by Broke Dick has the taste of a delicious, tropical cheesecake. Each puff will give you a rich cheesecake flavor. Tropical cheesecake is made of popular tropical fruits such as kiwi and pineapple, butter, sugar, and cream cheese. The flavor is sweet and tart. This e-liquid captures the taste of this dessert. The flavor is consistent. You can vape this e-liquid all day long without getting tired of the flavor.

Bankroll #6 has a stimulating flavor. Just like having a slice of this yummy dessert, vaping this e-juice will tingle your taste buds. The e-juice doesn’t dry your mouth out even when you chain vape on it.


Broke Dick uses only high-quality ingredients to manufacture its e-liquids. A bottle of this Broke Dick e-liquid contains flavor extracts as well as VG/PG.

VG/PG Ratio

Broke Dick’s Bankroll #6 has a propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) ratio of 30/80. Thanks to its high VG levels, the e-juice is a little thick. But you’ll surely get a rich and cheering flavor from every puff.

Vapor Production

Bankroll #6 by Broke Dick will give cloud chasers a thrilling vaping experience. If you love doing cloud tricks, this e-juice will give you a generous amount of clouds.

You can choose to vape Bankroll #6 with a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) or a sub ohm tank. You need to opt for an RDA to get the most out this e-liquid.

Nicotine Strength

Broke Dick’s e-liquids are available with different nicotine concentration levels. You can select either 0mg (or no nicotine at all), 3mg, and 6mg.

About the Manufacturer

Broke Dick has a collection of high-quality e-juices with unique flavor profiles. This company has an e-juice flavor for every vaper. Broke Dick was founded by Richard Broke. This company, which is based in Clearwater, Florida, seeks to deliver affordable, premium e-juice blends. Broke Dick’s claim to fame is its reasonable pricing.

The ingredients used to make Broke Dick e-liquids are of remarkable quality despite their affordable pricing. This company is also known for its speedy delivery of orders.

Broke Dick has many impressive e-liquid flavors like Bankroll #7 (raspberry, orange, lime, ice cream), Bankroll #8 (coconut, almond, tobacco), Layaway (cereal, marshmallows, cream), Overdraft (vanilla, caramel, tobacco), Dollar Menu, PrePaid (watermelon, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry), and Payday (banana, butterscotch, bourbon, coconut, orange, cream). All these e-liquids are available at brokedick.com.


Bankroll #6 by Broke Dick comes in a gorilla unicorn bottle with a child-resistant cap. There is a yellow label on the bottle which contains all the usual information about the e-liquid such as the flavor name, brand logo, and volume of the e-liquid bottle and a whole lot more.


You can grab a 60ml bottle of Bankroll #6 by Broke Dick from brokedick.com at an affordable rate of $15.00 only!


Don’t miss out on this offer. Order a bottle of this delicious e-liquid now. Bankroll #6 by Broke Dick will leave your taste buds electrified after every puff. You will not quickly get tired of this e-juice flavor. This e-juice is perfect for vaping during office breaks when you need something to pick up your mood. I seriously recommend this Broke Dick juice to all dessert-loving vapers.

Where to buy

Bankroll #6 by Broke Dick e-liquid is available at brokedick.com. 

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