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Reds Apple E-Juice By 7 Daze Review

Reds Apple is arguably one of the best apple e-liquids on the market. This e-juice by 7 Daze will certainly impress vapers who love apples. Reds Apple has the flavors of ripe red apples. The apple flavor in this e-liquid is fresh and refreshing. There are different apple e-liquids on the market, but this one stands out. This vape juice tastes just like red apples. Reds Apple has a pure taste that sets it apart from other apple e-liquids on the market. It does not also have any weird artificial flavor. Reds Apple is one of those fruity e-liquids that is ideal for the summer.

Reds Apple is a vape juice that will make your taste buds water with excitement. The inhale is just as captivating as the exhale. When you take a hit, the ripe red apple flavor fills the mouth. This flavor is rich, and it gives way to the sweetness of the apple flavor that dominates on the exhale. In my opinion, Reds Apple is a fantastic vape juice that fruit lovers will appreciate.

Reds Apple by 7 Daze contains high-quality vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 70 to 30 percent. This vape juice is thick and works well with a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). You can also vape this e-liquid using a sub ohm tank. Reds Apple is not a coil killer. Another plus of Reds Apple is its cloud production. This vape juice produces dense clouds of vapor that will impress most cloud chasers. The clouds that you get from this e-liquid are not only thick but also have a pleasant aroma that spreads fast.

Reds Apple by 7 Daze is also produced with high-quality nicotine. This e-liquid comes with different nicotine strength levels; 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. Reds Apple does not have a harsh throat hit. On the contrary, you get a smooth and mellow throat hit from vaping this vape juice.

Reds Apple by 7 Daze is sold in a 60ml glass bottle with an elegant design. This bottle comes with a white dropper tip. There is a red label on the bottle with the image of a sliced red apple. You will find other relevant information about Reds Apple on the label.

Reds Apple is manufactured in the United States by 7 Daze Premium E-liquids. This e-liquid company has its factory located in Los Angeles, California. This vape company acquired this factory, which is of 44,000 square feet, in 2018. With this move, 7 Daze Premium E-liquids became the only e-juice manufacturer with a factory of that size. Since then, 7 Daze Premium E-liquid has not looked back. They have gone on to be recognized for making high-quality handcrafted vape juice blends. This vape company has a motto “Give People What They Want” and it has stayed true to this motto.

Reds Apple is available at the Humble Juice Co. online shop. You can get a 60ml bottle of Reds Apple for only $18.99 from this store.

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