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CBDfx Disposable CBD Vape Pen with Terpenes (Gelato) Review

An article by Forbes noted how cannabis’ popularity has gone from the “frequently maligned status of stoner counterculture” to a “Kardashian-level social phenomenon.” And this is all thanks to CBD or cannabidiol oil.

In recent years, the cannabis compound has been experiencing a renaissance, showing up seemingly almost everywhere. In addition, a recent estimate reckons that the collective market for CBD sales in the United States will surpass $20 billion by 2024. Obviously, the figure does not come as a surprise since CBD is being offered in different forms, including face creams, vape juices, energy drinks, and pet products.

While the news seems to call for a celebration, there can be a downside to this success. The immense popularity of CBD may be taken advantage by companies who simply want to join the hype by producing substandard products for the sake of money. As a long-time CBD user, as much as I do not want to stain the name of the industry, all these happenings appear to be inevitable.

To help incoming CBD users, I write as many reviews as possible to create awareness and warn others of brands that simply exist to gain more profit.

Today, I decided to share with you my favorite Gelato CBD Terpenes by CBDfx that is offered in a vape pen. First and foremost, the brand has been in this industry even when CBD was still not in the limelight. So yeah? CBDfx is a household name that you can trust.

What’s with the terpenes?

I decided to pick a product that has both of these compounds because it will give you the best of two worlds. Terpenes are still hiding behind the shadow of CBD, but they actually have their own health benefits to contribute like anti-inflammatory or stress-relieving properties.

But if CBD and terpenes work together, they create this so-called entourage effect. There are two outcomes with this fusion. First, terpenes can change the way CBD binds with your receptors. And second, terpenes have shown to compliment the effects of CBD.

One of the perks you can enjoy from CBDfx is that the brand has four CBD oil with terpenes flavors to choose from. For sure, you will have something that will suit your palate. Being an absolute fan, I have tried all four of them, and my favorite is the Gelato CBD Terpenes. If you are into desserts, I bet you will agree with me.

The nice thing about this is that it is sweet but not to the point where it is overwhelming to the throat. This matches perfectly for the warm spring weather these days. But I believe the flavor is year-round. Both on the inhale and exhale, your taste buds will enjoy some smooth and fruity flavor that really tastes like a real gelato. So happy to get a treat on every hit!

CBDfx offers its terpenes vape pen at 50mg only. At first, I thought it is going to be too low and lackluster. But when I finally got to try it, I think it was the perfect intermediate amount. The potency was medium in strength, which I think is just right for many people.

I know many are also concern about the potential side effects this can bring. Although I did not experience any by far, most people who claimed said they were more just mild, such as mild drowsiness and dry mouth. CBD is non-toxic, so I don’t think there someone will suffer from an overdose from it.

Since vape pens need zero maintenance, it is pretty convenient for those who are lazy to read manuals and all. The device is activated once you start drawing vape from it. Then, if your cartridge runs dry, you can throw the used one out already.

In terms of affordability, the vape juice version of CBDfx would technically save you some bucks, but you still have to invest in devices plus the learning curve to set up the device. Vape pens, on the other hand, cost less than $20 and can produce around 100 puffs. How long it will last largely depends on you often you plan to use it. But anyway, I think this is worth it for someone who only prefers discreet CBD vaping.

Terpenes are responsible for how plants smell and fruits taste.

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