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Watermelon Breeze eLiquid by Pod Salt Review

Watermelon Breeze eLiquid by Pod Salt is a nicotine salt ejuice crafted especially as a tropical treat for tropical vapers, with the distinct feel of an icy rush to cool off the heat on a sunny or tensed day. This ejuice is brought to you by Vape Green, the all-time classy and efficient store in the UK that takes care of all your vaping needs. Watermelon Breeze eLiquid is one of more than a thousand ejuices available for sale in the store, you can check them all on vapegreen.co.uk.

Flavor Profile

Do you remember the last time you were very tensed? Forget how you got over it but can you imagine a masseur working out every tensed muscle with cold hands, while you munched ripe juicy watermelons from a bowl by your side? It’s relaxing, blissfully relaxing. You can imagine a similar experience when you vape this ejuice. If you are a sweet-toothed lover of fruits, you can be confident that this flavor was crafted for you.

A sweet and juicy watermelon flavor consumes your taste buds when you inhale, sending ecstasy to the back of your throat. You would almost feel like you are eating perfectly-sized chunks of watermelon, crushing out red juice that makes you groan in pleasure. The exhale brings a subtle icy finish that brings the balance of a tropical icy vape and a soothing calm around your body.

VG/PG Ratio

Do you know what makes you enjoy every bit of this flavor? It was crafted in a 50% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and 50% Propylene Glycol (PG) ratio. In vaping, the balance of these ingredients makes or mars the quality of an ejuice. If you have ever tried an ejuice and felt the flavor was suppressed, there was an imbalance in the VG/PG ratio

Salt Nicotine and UK regulations

Nicotine salts are like the regular ejuices in look and function. The differences between them are: it provides a much quicker “nicotine fix” to satisfy intense nicotine cravings in vapers and it also offers an added benefit of being extra smooth at higher nicotine strengths, with the feel of smoking a tobacco cigarette In free-base ejuices – the regular ejuices, higher nicotine levels comes with throat burns and chars. Nicotine salts curb that problem, that’s why it’s the preference if you enjoy ejuices with high nicotine strengths.

The Watermelon Breeze eLiquid by Pod Salts is available in two salt nicotine strengths; 11mg – 20mg and 20mg – 36mg. According to the UK/EU regulations, the legal limit of nicotine in an ejuice is 20mg, which makes the 36mg nicotine worrisome, right? There’s no reason to be worried, the Nicotine Salt compound is made up of 20mg Nicotine and 16mg Benzoate. The combination of both molecules creates a Nicotine Salt Strength of 36mg.

Compatibility with Vape Devices

Pod Salt, a Nicotine Salt eLiquid brand, is created by MyVapery. Watermelon Breeze eLiquid, like other nicotine salt eLiquids manufactured by this brand, is ideal for low-powered devices such as starter kits and pods devices. It is not compatible with high-powered devices like sub-ohm Mods, to prevent damages.

Placing Orders

You can place an order for this ejuice at vapegreen.co.uk for £3.99. Your package would be a red/pink and white pack containing a 10ml black bottle with a tamper-evident seal. You get the free UK delivery service on all orders above £20. If you place an order before 3 pm, your order would be dispatched the same day.

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