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Raspberry Twist E-Liquid by ULTD Salts Review

Raspberry Twist E-Liquid by ULTD Salts Review

How about every drag you take being rewarded with clean and crisp notes of some of the most delicious flavors that have ever been combined in the history of vaping. Raspberry Twist E-Liquid by ULTD Salts delivers a blend of ripe raspberries with fresh tea that no vaper would want to pass up. The e-liquid is crafted to not only please your taste buds but to also satisfy your nicotine hits with a rush of not-your-regular nicotine, making it one of the best nic salts eliquid that you would ever vape.  

About The Brand

The brand focuses exclusively on fruit flavors and they do a pretty good job at mimicking the original flavors, good enough to almost make you feel for a minute like you were taking in the real deal. Other than this Raspberry Twist E-Liquid, the ULTD Salts brand features flavor combinations like Slush Berry E Eliquid, Citrus Seven Eliquid, and Lemberry Brew liquid, all of which are manufactured in the UK and TPD compliant. 

Raspberry Twist E-Liquid by ULTD Salts Review

Flavor Profile

On the inhale, you get to indulge yourself in a heavenly burst of a tangy raspberry essence that is like none you may have ever tasted. The flavor is softened on the exhale with the ice tea flavor that perfectly compliments the fruit explosion, giving you a good run for your money. Its distinct flavor would keep you hooked on your vaping device all day long. 

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) Ratio

The Raspberry Twist E-Liquid formula is formulated with 40 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 60 percent propylene glycol (PG) which is a considerably high PG blend, and something that you do not see every day. With this amount of PG, it is no wonder you are treated to bold flavor delivery and smooth hits. Thanks to the VG, you get to enjoy decent clouds of vapor every time you exhale, so even if you fancy blowing out clouds of vapor while you vape, this Raspberry Twist E-Liquid would still make an ideal choice. 

Nicotine Concentration 

If you’re a heavy smoker still transitioning, then this e juice blend was specially prepared for you. It is equipped to deliver nicotine hits that are quite similar to that of an actual cigarette so you never feel like you are missing out on anything, and it all depends on the concentration of nicotine that you choose. The Raspberry Twist E-Liquid formula is made with varying nicotine concentrations so every vaper can find a particular one that best suits their preferences. That said, the Raspberry Twist E-Liquid comes in 10mg nicotine if you want a strong nicotine hit, and 20mg if you want much stronger nicotine hit.

You should note that the nicotine used in the ULTD Salts e liquids is made with proprietary salt nicotine. This is the only reason why you will be able to vape such high levels of nicotine and still enjoy smooth hits. Also, salt nicotine has proven to have faster absorption and to be more efficient than freebase nicotine. 

Raspberry Twist E-Liquid by ULTD Salts Review


Raspberry Twist E-Liquid by ULTD Salts is available in a 10ml bottle with a childproof cap and needle-like nozzle for easy and mess-free pouring. You can get a bottle for £3.99 on Vape Green. When you buy from Vape Green, you will not only be buying premium ejuice at an affordable price, you also get to enjoy their interesting offers like free UK delivery and even same-day dispatch. 

Final Verdict

This Raspberry Twist E-Liquid by ULTD Salts is ideal if you fancy mouth-to-lung vape kits regardless of whether it is a pod system or a starter kit so you do not have to sacrifice simplicity to enjoy rich delivery. If you are a fan of the raspberry and fresh tea combo, then you do not want to sleep on this one.

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