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STLTH vs JUUL Review – Take A Look At The Comparison

STLTH and JUUL are two of the most popular closed pod systems on the market. One of these devices may have been recommended to you if you’re searching for a simple method to quit smoking. Despite the fact that there are several closed pod devices on the market, STLTH and JUUL are frequently touted as industry leaders. In this Stlth vs Juul review, you will get to know what is the difference between them, and which is the best.


At some point, the STLTH vaporizer became quite popular in Canada. Traditional smokers will find it to be an easy and cheap way to make the switch. The STLTH is sleek and tiny, allowing it to fit easily into a pocket or small bag while remaining extremely pleasant to grip and use. The STLTH has a 420mAh battery that should last a day or somewhat longer for the typical user.

The STLTH, like the JUUL, is a draw-activated device. To activate the device, all you have to do is inhale via the mouthpiece.

STLTH pods have a juice volume of about 2ml per pod, compared to Juul’s meager 0.7ml, making them almost three times the size of a JUUL pod while also being significantly less expensive. STLTH pods, like JUUL pods, must be discarded after they are empty and cannot be refilled by the user. Three pods are included in the STLTH replacement kit.

The STLTH brand has a plethora of flavors under its belt, ranging from their own brand to the brands of other firms with whom they have partnered in the industry. Their gargantuan counterpart, Juul, only has around 10 flavors at best, thus the sheer diversity of flavors alone is enough to put them head-to-head.


  • It is convenient
  • Each pod has a large juice volume (2ml)
  • A wide range of flavors to pick from
  • Reliable draw/hit
  • Standard battery life
  • In terms of cost, it is less expensive (compared to Juul)


  • Spit-back occurs from time to time in pods.


The JUUL device is owned by Altria, a cigarette corporation. It was designed to assist smokers who want to give up the habit for good. JUUL is one of the most well-known brands in the vaping business, and it was JUUL who popularized closed pod systems.

The Juul has a simple design, simple operation, and a wide variety of flavors to suit almost any vaper’s demands. The JUUL is meant to make it simple for new vapers to comprehend the concept of vaping

There is a small LED light that showcases your battery level.

A 200mAh battery, draw activation, and a unique charging method is all used by JUUL. On a single charge, the battery will last around 200 puffs. The length of time it will last is determined by how frequently you will use the device. The unique charging method mentioned earlier is a proprietary charger that magnetically connects to the bottom of the JUUL.

The ejuice pods carry 0.7mL of e-liquid and must be discarded once they have been used up. Four pods will be included in a replacement pack that can only be used with the JUUL device. There is an array of flavors that youtube to choose from, each of which are available in both 18mg, 35mg, and 50mg of nicotine. You can get the device anywhere from $21.99.


  • Also Convenient
  • Excellent hit that closely resembles a cigarette.
  • Appealing flavors
  • Quick charging time


  • Extremely costly in comparison to the competition
  • In comparison to the competitors, the juice capacity is much reduced 
  • There are just a few flavors to select from


You can now see that there are little changes in some areas and big ones in others in terms of portability, the convenience of use, flavor selections, and overall construction. 

What you’re searching for in an e-cigarette will determine the device you choose. The JUUL may be the way to go if you’re more concerned with mobility and are prepared to forego battery capacity and flavor possibilities. However, if you believe you’ll require a larger battery and a wider pod selection, the STLTH’s size won’t be an issue. You can get both on https://hazetownvapes.com

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