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The Best MTL Pod – VOOPOO Drag Q

In case you are wondering, the Drag Q, a VOOPOO revolutionary product, was launched this year, 2022. So, if you want a MTL vaping experience, here it is. It is the first VOOPOO product capable of turning MTL POD into a professional grade.

With different POD electronic atomization products in the market today, the launch of Drag Q has been revolutionary. You will be amazed with how different it is from the normal POD, in terms of uses and appearance. In addition, the tasty flavors will change your entire vaping experience for the best. 

ITO Tasty Tech

The ITO platform made by VOOPOO will give you a normal airflow and great vaping taste. You will also have big puffs, and even fuller vapor with the latest 0.5&Omega, atomizer. What else sound better and sweeter than a big puff, and even bigger and fuller vapor? It can only be the Drag Q.

Tick Intelligent Pressure Adjustment

You can get the best experience out of your Drag Q with its airflow adjustment which gives a gentle ticking. You also have an automatic pressure adjustment, which gives you the best power irrespective of the air channel. With Drag Q, you can avoid dry hit and leaking oil, and have the best vaping taste experience, no doubt about it.

Intelligent Aesthetics

The Drag Q is a continuation of the Drag series, with its classic, elegant design. It comes in a leather body and aluminum alloy frame. It is a beauty to behold. This makes it light, comfortable to carry and hold, and long-lasting. 

The Drag Q is both aesthetic and technologically smart. It isn’t only innovative, but compact, elegant, and classic. It can be compared to the POD-MOD, because of how concise and compact its body is. You will be surprised to know the thousands of components inside the small, compact body of the Drag Q. With this combination of beauty and technology, you will be having not only a great, sweet vaping experience, but also a healthier and safer vaping experience.

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