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A Review of STLTH and PHIX Pods

The high number of STLT and PHIX compatible pods on the market might confuse novice and experienced vapers. When purchasing pods, a buyer should consider several factors. The pods should be lightweight, easily portable, simple to use, have a long-lasting battery, premium e-liquid, and affordable. Here is a breakdown of the best pods in the market.

The Best STLTH Pods to Buy

Hazetown Vapes has some of the best STLTH pods you can buy, including:

Raspberry Currant Ice

The Raspberry Currant Ice pod STLTH flavor gives a strong raspberry currant flavor on inhalation and an icy feeling on exhalation. The Raspberry Currant Ice pod is fitted with anti-leaking technology, making it safe and hygienic.

Strawberry Kiwi Ice STLTH X

Hazetown Vapes took their time to make Strawberry Kiwi Ice pods, and this explains their unparalleled quality on different levels. First, vapers describe the flavor as similar to ripe strawberries with notes of sour kiwi and an icy finish. Second, the pod gives a very smooth throat hit, making it ideal for beginner vapers. Third, this STLTH uses anti-leak technology, which makes it safe for vapers.

Banana Ice

The Banana Ice STLTH pod is revered for its sweet flavor with ripe bananas notes on inhaling and a satisfying cool exhale. The package comes with three pods, and buyers can choose 20mg/ml regular Salt Nic, 20mg/ml Bold35 hybrid, or 20mg/ml Bold50 hybrid nicotine. Like other STLTH pods, the Banana Ice STLTH pod is made using anti-leak technology.

Other STLTH Pods in the market include the Double Mint, MOFO Raspberry, MOFO Double Rainbow, and Savage Tropic Breeze.


Vapers can buy several above-average PHIX compatible pods from Hazetown Vapes. These include:

Blue Raspberry

The Blue Raspberry gives a rare tangy sweetness similar to ripe blue raspberries during inhalation and exhalation. These PHIX compatible pods come in three packages of strength: 18mg (1.8%) low strength, 30mg (3%) mild strength, and 50mg (5%) regular nicotine. A single pod comes filled with 1.5ml of e-liquid and can give you between 400 and 440 puffs.

Original Blend Tobacco 4X

The Original Blend Tobacco 4-pack PHIX is ideal for tobacco lovers or chain smokers. The smooth flavor from the pod gives medium throat hits. A single pod contains 1.5ml of premium e-liquid and uses a ceramic wick. The PHIX pod is sophisticated and adjusts its functionality depending on the atomizer coil temperature. For example, the pod’s power reduces if the wick loses moisture.

Cool Melon

During inhalation, the Cool Melon produces a ripe melon flavor which turns to mint during exhalation. The Cool Melon pods use anti-leak technology, which explains their clean appearance even after long use.

Mint 4X

Vapers craving menthol flavor with eucalyptus notes on inhalation and refreshing sweet flavor during exhalation should get the PHIX Mint pod. A package of the Mint 4X comes with four pods, each with 1.5ml of e-liquid, which can give up to 440 puffs.

Other PHIX compatible pods to buy include Grape 4X, Mango 4X, Spearmint, Hard Strawberry, and Butterscotch 4X.

You can buy both the STLTH and PHIX compatible pods at Hazetown Vapes, one of the leading vape shops in Canada. Whether you visit the shop or place an order online, Hazetown Vapes will deliver.


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