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STLTH Pods Top Flavors Review

Are you searching through Canada vape shops trying to find a reliable and reputable store? Hazetown is the place to be. The store offers numerous premium vape products at pocket-friendly prices. One of the top-selling products is the STLTH pods which come in a multitude of flavors. If you enjoy bold, mouthwatering flavors, you are in the right place.

The STLTH pods are a recent development in the vape industry STLTH is made as a package of 3 pods in a box. Each pod has a 2.0ml of e-liquid that ensures long vaping sessions with a long-lasting impression on your throat. STLTH pods have an absorbent material that holds the e-liquid in place and keeps off leaks for a smooth non-messy vaping session. STLTH pods are convenience tools developed to take vaping experience to the next level by promoting portability and compactness. STLTH pods promote excellent airflow, a feature that ensures voluminous cloud production by the device

Nicotine Strength

STLTH pods have 20mg and 50BOLD nicotine concentrations to ensure your nicotine cravings are well sorted. The 50BOLD nicotine concentration is a new feature that ensures smokers get a 50mg throat hit on a 20mg vape for states that do not allow nicotine concentrations higher than 20mg.


Savage pineapple lemon– has a naturally sweet but tart flavor with no added sugar but is paired with a distinctive bitter sour and harsh taste of the lemon.

Mango peach banana– tastes like a peachy extract blended with a banana smoothie and added ripe bananas.

STLTH X lush ice– a savory watermelon-like taste with a low-key wisp taste.

STLTH X Green apple ice– somehow sour with a crunchy taste in every draw.

STLTH X Frost mint– robust peppermint flavor that leaves your mouth feeling fresh.

Flavor beast strawberry iced– tastes like strawberry with some refreshing menthol.

Flavor beast razz mango iced- tastes like a crispy dried well, cured mango

Flavor beast mango peach- has the taste of a juicy mango smoothie with pieces of peach in between

Flavor beast lychee watermelon iced – tastes tropical fruits cooled down by the bite of watermelon in every draw.

Flavor beast banana blackberry iced- tastes like a blend of pure banana with blackberry

Pop iced guava lychees- taste like tropical fruit with a guava smoothie

Pop cherry frost– like a cherry lollipop with a tart taste.

Pop white peach mango- fresh peach and mango juice with a slight savory

Pop gummy bear ice- like ground down a gummy bear on a lollipop with ice.

Pop tropical blue razz– blend of berries and blueberries to create a magical flavor

Pop iced berry blast– all sorts of berries crushed together to make juice that is then ideally added to the ice for a cooling effect.

STLTH X Strawberry orange banana replacement pods– a banana smoothie wholly ground, and orange juice is added for the savory taste of taste buds.

STLTH X Raspberry currant ice -raspberries blended with current creating the slightly sour taste

STLTH x mixed berry ice– made by mixing all sorts of berries and adding ice for a refreshing feeling.

STLTH X Lime mint– the perfect blend of lime and mint.

STLTH X grape ice- perfectly squeezed grape juice with ice.


STLTH pods have great flavors perfectly crafted to create a long-lasting impression and leave your taste buds looking forward to the next vape. No matter your preferred taste, you can always be sure to get a flavor that meets your fancy.  Additionally, the outstanding features make this a must-have product for vape enthusiasts across Canada and beyond.

Where to purchase the STLTH pods flavors

You can buy STLTH pods from Hazetown Vapes, the leading vape-centered store in Canada. The pods are available at very competitive prices, so make the move today and save yourself some bucks. Visit the Hazetown Vapes website for more products and numerous deals.

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