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A Few Facts About Moon Rocks

There’s a reason it’s called Moon Rocks. After a few hits, you’ll be on your way out of the earth’s atmosphere. They are exactly what you’ve been looking for if you’re looking for the most potent high you can possibly get from something that is still technically a flower. Without …

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International Perceptions of E-cigs

Look on the back of a picture frame. Or the bottom of your children’s toys. Or even the tag on your pillows, linens, and clothes. In most cases, you’ll find the small black words “Made in,” followed by one of many foreign countries—usually an Asian one. We live in a …

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Should You Buy Pre-filled or Refillable Cartomizers

Buying and using e-cigarettes may be more complicated than traditional smoking, but a big part of that is that you have so many more options. For example, you can choose to buy your nicotine liquid in pre-filled cartomizers, or you can purchase e-juice and blank cartomizers separately and do your …

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Herbal Pocket Vaporizers

What is a Vaporizer? First, we need to understand that a portable vaporizer is simply a vaporizer that is portable or in other words something you can move easily or take with you with no problem.  A vaporizer is a device used to raise the temperature of something and turn …

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E-Cig Battery Tips

Here are the most common problems and solutions … Why is my manual button e-cigarette battery not charging? The number one reason a manual button e-cigarette battery will not charge properly is that it or the charger is dirty. Take a moist cloth and clean both the battery’s post (the middle …

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