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Should You Buy Pre-filled or Refillable Cartomizers

Buying and using e-cigarettes may be more complicated than traditional smoking, but a big part of that is that you have so many more options. For example, you can choose to buy your nicotine liquid in pre-filled cartomizers, or you can purchase e-juice and blank cartomizers separately and do your …

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7 Common Myths Surrounding Electric Cigarettes

New study suggests that nicotine-containing e-cigarettes could help prevent weight gain, a major concern amongst those hoping to quit smoking –THE GURDIAN   There are at least 5 popular approaches used to stop smoking. With the newest technique being the possible exception, none of the other four have been very …

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Herbal Pocket Vaporizers

What is a Vaporizer? First, we need to understand that a portable vaporizer is simply a vaporizer that is portable or in other words something you can move easily or take with you with no problem.  A vaporizer is a device used to raise the temperature of something and turn …

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